Personal Power


The 1 percenter, oligarchy, any establishments (government, religion, man-made beliefs like race, class, economic, nationality, etc.) established by man has succeeded in convincing the majority of you that you have no power and that you are incapable of effecting change in the world because you have given your power away to these beliefs / platforms. Also, because you depend on the so-called people in positions of “power” to do the right thing, to do something that you expect or ask them to and then you get outraged because they don’t then you talk about removing them from office or whatever action, but you don’t. If you do succeed in removing them from office, someone else potentially worse can take office because you still have given your power away to someone else because you have bought into what they’ve said that they’ll DO FOR YOU or agreed with what the “party” ideals you are supporting, for example.

If you are fully centered within and ARE FULLY LOVE centered, then NOBODY OR ANY ILLUSIONS / MAN-MADE ESTABLISHMENTS has any control over you as you keep all of your personal power. Hence, you do not have to make any agreements unless you choose to do so. Basically, what I’m trying to get at is that we do not need to wait for governments or anyone to make the world a better place for us because we can do it ourselves TOGETHER – WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD TOWARDS PEACE & LOVE NOW!

We are all of ONE energy, whatever the majority gives attention to is what is happening in this world as that’s collective consciousness so why should you be surprised to see how the world is today? The majority wants security through violence, wars, and utter exclusion – so why are you surprised and outraged to see what is happening today?


How do you expect the world to be a better place for you, for your family and everyone else if you choose to reside in Fear and violence and expect to see Peace & Love? And if you choose to not do YOUR work within yourself but expect others to do it for you or expect others to change and believe that you’ve “won” by forcing the other to change for you by saying basically “I’ll stay in Fear, but you have to be Peace” – does that make sense?

If you don’t want to do the work and continue to feed into the current energy of the world, by all means do that if that’s what you choose. You can always choose otherwise at any moment.

We are all in this together.

And there is ONE EARTH. That’s another way that they succeed in convincing you that you don’t have power is the belief that you can always go somewhere else – be it colonizing another planet or going to heaven and you don’t have to take care of the Earth as “come on she doesn’t have a soul – same as my enemies” type of thinking, so that same belief is also applied to other human beings like we treat each other as we’re easily disposable just like Earth is. NOBODY is disposable and every single one of us have unique contributions to the world that no one else can do for us as we are all one of a kind but at the same time, we are ONE. What we do to other, we do it to ourselves.

Please choose to have LOVE instead of hatred & fear in our thoughts, words, feelings, and Heart. It is through Love that we ALL can know Peace. This truly begins with YOU.

Written with much Alofas (LOVE) <3



We believe that when we say or do in war against whatever, that it is effective in resolving the conflict but it is not effective and actually increases the conflict.


Everything is energy and is of vibrational frequency.

What you focus on – you get more of what you focus on.

So if you are fighting “against” something, then you actually get more of what you DON’T WANT because your vibrational energy is “resisting” and is actually negative. So it’s no wonder that war on drugs, war on x, y, or z isn’t effective.

I have learned that it is easier to not resist because what you resist actually persists. That’s an easy way to remember whenever you start feeling like you are resisting against something to stop and step back.

STOP RESISTING. Change your focus from what you don’t want to what you do want.

Presto – the vibrational energy changes instantly. From negative to positive.

And changes what you end up manifesting.

So therefore, be full of gratitude and make sure you are focused on what you DO WANT and the rest will just fall away for lack of attention and energy.

So instead of fighting against war – focus on PEACE.

Fighting against GMO’s – focus on growing your food. sharing organic food and creating community.

Complaining about that there’s no kind people in the world – BE ONE!

Much LOVE & Peace to each and every one of you!

Memorial Day 2014


It’s a day of remembrance of Fallen Ones from all the Wars.

The current slogan is “Freedom isn’t Free” to justify the Wars and in turn causes Human Beings to be Fallen. And it causes Humanity to be distracted from the true purpose of Life and be caught up into something false and for destructive purposes instead of creating.

In all of Humanity’s history has War ever truly brought True Peace and Inner Happiness to each and every one of us Human Beings? Has military force brought lasting Peace?

No, it hasn’t. War is usually used to further a few select people’s purpose – usually for resources, land, and profit; but not for the whole of Humanity.

Weapons are used for destruction. Weapons can be used as guns, knives, or even words in negative ways be it thought, spoken, or written as words have power.

Yes, words have power – like “Freedom isn’t Free” and “God Bless America”.

Speaking of God Bless America. WHY do we need to believe that God only blesses America? Isn’t the rest of the world deserving of blessings from God, also? WHY not God Bless the WORLD!?

These kind of thinking and beliefs are a big part of the problem and perpetuates the violence against other Human Beings everywhere… this is not a matter of us versus them – this is the purpose of these strongly charged slogans and makes us unthinking and kind of act like “mob mentality” that makes us say “Oh, they deserved it because of x, y, or z…” like for example: Drone strikes in the Middle East – they have killed lots of innocent men, women, and children and we basically shrug our shoulders and say – not our problem. But, if something happens to us personally as “Americans” – we get unbelievably and perversely outraged and want those who are responsible heads’ off with delight and attack other countries and people with extreme fanaticism and abandon.

We are all God’s children first and foremost. Before our purported religion, before our nationalistic & cultural label and pride, before any type of social-constructed labels whose purpose is to separate us into ever smaller groups and creating these “us versus them” mentality.

What I see today is the result of these “collective” negative & hateful thinking and feelings that have existed and continue to exist today which is now the result that we see and we lament “why is it like this today?” Now, you know.

Now you know…. each and every one of us has a choice today, now, to choose to change things around collectively to make the world a better place for ALL of us or we can choose to continue on the path that Humanity on the whole has chosen thus far with the hate and fear of each other.

We are ALL interdependent and share a collective consciousness that we can all tap into for the greater good OR for greater harm to ALL. We are not isolated or unaffected by our actions or others’ actions. We are responsible for each others’ well-being as the quote says “We are our brother’s keepers”.

FREEDOM IS FREE. It is our natural & spiritual Birthright from OUR Creator. The Freedom isn’t external to start with, it starts WITHIN!

Change always begin within. So choose to be free of your shackles within from your fears, your limitations, your beliefs that perpetuates harm instead of JOY, HAPPINESS, & PEACE WITHIN.

When you are changed within and filled with Joy, Happiness, and Peace – there would be no thought of harm towards any living being on Earth. It then ripples OUTWARD from within and manifests in the world and in the collective consciousness.

Much LOVE & Peace to each and every one of you.



I have been pondering on this often for the last couple of years. I already knew internally and spiritually that racism wasn’t a good thing since I was a small child, but didn’t really give it much deep thought until the last few years. I love and accept everyone regardless of who they are. I do not believe in labels and stereotypes as that is dividing and degrading our Human-ness. We are ONE Family.

I’ve been giving it much more thought since our sons, Quinn and Ryan, have experienced racism on several occasions and told me about their experiences and I’ve been taking some classes that highlights historical and current racism like Indigenous Studies and Environmental Justice pre-law classes.

I have taught our sons the same belief that I have mentioned in the first paragraph. They have the same attitude as I do and loves making friends with who-ever, unfortunately, they have not had some positive experiences in the last year or 2. Just 2 days ago, the boys were walking home from the library and several ADULT men of color (for lack of better term) were in a car driving by and yelled at them with some expletives and then called them “white boys” – the boys were shocked and looked around as it was out of the blue and the boys just kept on walking ignoring them.

When the boys told me about it, they were like “Why do people act like that? We didn’t do anything and we’re not haters of anyone. This is really ridiculous!” Ryan told me that he is starting to feel like he doesn’t like a specific ethnic group because of constant experiences of racism towards him. I told him: “Don’t give into those feelings. You cannot paint a whole ethnic group based on a few bad “apples” so to speak and sometimes it’s the culture or society that teaches them this type of behavior and we should have love, mercy, compassion, and forgiveness for them because it is most likely that they’ve been treated awfully themselves by other ethnic groups and even each other in their own group. Just continue being an AWESOME & LOVING person and friend to others.”

So all these things got me thinking more – Racism is a CANCER because it wounds people and divides people further and it’s a never-ending vicious cycle which often leads to avoidable tragedies and violence. It’s also taught and it is NOT something that we are born with.

I understand that racism occurs today but it is something that was MAN-MADE for the purpose to cause exactly what is happening today BUT that doesn’t mean we should and can accept it. For example, Ryan can say that he is “justified” in being racist back because he was treated that way. But there is NEVER any justification to do something horrendous and atrocious back like racism or anything negative of any kind.

So there’s racism and then there’s counter-racism to at least “feel” like you got “payback” but really, how does that really solve anything for the better to do that? NOTHING. It’s all about destruction of each other instead of building each other up.

I do notice on Facebook and in other avenues that people use racist words to describe someone either in all seriousness or in jest, but still it is propagating racism by uttering these words to each other. What we need to do is to have racism and counter-racism become non-issues then it’ll just disappear because no one is doing it. That would be AWESOME!

I know it is very possible because like I said, racism isn’t something that we are born with, but learned. So if it’s learned, then it can be unlearned.

Point being: Is this the type of world we really want to be living in and passing onto our children and future generations? We need to CREATE a better and more loving world for our children and future generations and that starts with US. Individually and collectively.



-Religion shouldn’t be used to justify wrong actions towards individual, people, and nations.

-Whichever religion or no religion that helps people draw closer to God / Heavenly Father / Creator / Great Spirit – whatever name – is AWESOME. We all should be grateful that there are various avenues or tools that fits each person’s search to be closer to God as there’s many paths leading to the same place.

- No religion is 100% perfect.

- It’s an intensely personal Journey of Life for each of us with different issues & needs that is ever changing. So there really is no “one size fits all” in all ways but all religions have the same “basics” so to speak.

- Getting our mind, body, and spirit into alignment instead of being split and going in whichever direction. Insanity.

Not extreme point of Spirit (isolation – not participating in Life) vs Worldly (ignoring Spirit and being wholly in to instant gratification, etc.)

BE Spirit Being that we truly are being balanced WITH the World (Being involved in Life here on Earth / self-governing & being in control and aligning ourselves with higher purpose) as we are of Heaven and Earth.

Lies of the World


Lies of the World:

- That we will be fulfilled & happy if we:

•objectify ourselves as sex objects (applies to both genders but mainly for women).

•act like players and dispose of each other (applies to both genders but mainly men).

• We don’t need to wait for the right person; it’s ok to give ourselves away willy nilly. And that it won’t affect us spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

    Hint: IT DOES.

• That we are not beautiful and that we need plastic surgery to have self-worth. In short being defined by some “thing” out there instead of within ourselves.

    Hint: You are all BEAUTIFUL!

• Pursue the almighty dollar to the exclusion of everything else

• That it’s ok to create children out of lust (and that they’re disposable also) and that LOVE & SACREDNESS isn’t necessary to create whole & healthy children.


• Children are meant to “define” you or love us back as a reason to have children. Hint: They’re their own person just like you and their job isn’t to be a mini-you but to be who they really are as they have their own purpose here.

• That we can and need to control others and make everybody make us happy. Hint: It’s our own job to make ourselves happy and govern ourselves. It’s called Self-improvement.

• Ignoring our inner world and fully focused and distracted by the outer world.

• We are powerless and that the reality we “see” is the only one and there’s nothing we can do about it.

• That we are not responsible for our own actions / choices and that we are incapable of being self-sufficient & happy without “their help” (external).



- We can make a difference in the world as


Why don’t we believe that?

- If we would stop allowing the world (media / society / etc.) define who we are.

- Stop allowing ourselves to be objectified as sex objects and acting in relation to that as we are so much more than “sex objects” and something to be “used & disposed of” – see this wonderful website : Beauty Redefined

- We are throwing ourselves away when we act, dress, speak, and think of ourselves as sex objects because we do not have time or energy to focus on what we can offer to the world in our unique way. We all have talents and skills that the world needs us to contribute. Like the saying

    “Everyone else is already taken – Be Yourself”

- Stop allowing men to treat us as something to be used and disposed of.

In short, why are you allowing them to be “players”?

- Stop allowing women to tear each other down instead of building each other up?

In short, if we built each other up, imagine what magnificence we could create in this world?!

- Why are both Men & Women allowing media and the world to dictate how relationships are supposed to be and corrupting that to the point where it is how it is today?

- Why are we listening to everyone else but ourselves? We don’t LOVE & accept ourselves because we are too busy defining ourselves by others’ “perceptions” and those perceptions are erroneous and it’s no wonder we have so much body image problems even in young girls nowadays too.

- ALL Women & Girls are Beautiful.

    - The time and energy you currently spend that you are allowing yourself be defined by what the world tells that you “ought to be” could be better used to define who you know yourselves to truly be (loving & accepting yourself as YOU) and developing your own talents & skills to contribute to the world.

    What if Jesus Christ, Buddha, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., Mother Teresa, and Sitting Bull as a few examples focused on being other than who they really were and were too busy partying, drinking, or whatever pursuit that the world says is important? We wouldn’t have their contributions.