I have been pondering on this often for the last couple of years. I already knew internally and spiritually that racism wasn’t a good thing since I was a small child, but didn’t really give it much deep thought until the last few years. I love and accept everyone regardless of who they are. I do not believe in labels and stereotypes as that is dividing and degrading our Human-ness. We are ONE Family.

I’ve been giving it much more thought since our sons, Quinn and Ryan, have experienced racism on several occasions and told me about their experiences and I’ve been taking some classes that highlights historical and current racism like Indigenous Studies and Environmental Justice pre-law classes.

I have taught our sons the same belief that I have mentioned in the first paragraph. They have the same attitude as I do and loves making friends with who-ever, unfortunately, they have not had some positive experiences in the last year or 2. Just 2 days ago, the boys were walking home from the library and several ADULT men of color (for lack of better term) were in a car driving by and yelled at them with some expletives and then called them “white boys” – the boys were shocked and looked around as it was out of the blue and the boys just kept on walking ignoring them.

When the boys told me about it, they were like “Why do people act like that? We didn’t do anything and we’re not haters of anyone. This is really ridiculous!” Ryan told me that he is starting to feel like he doesn’t like a specific ethnic group because of constant experiences of racism towards him. I told him: “Don’t give into those feelings. You cannot paint a whole ethnic group based on a few bad “apples” so to speak and sometimes it’s the culture or society that teaches them this type of behavior and we should have love, mercy, compassion, and forgiveness for them because it is most likely that they’ve been treated awfully themselves by other ethnic groups and even each other in their own group. Just continue being an AWESOME & LOVING person and friend to others.”

So all these things got me thinking more – Racism is a CANCER because it wounds people and divides people further and it’s a never-ending vicious cycle which often leads to avoidable tragedies and violence. It’s also taught and it is NOT something that we are born with.

I understand that racism occurs today but it is something that was MAN-MADE for the purpose to cause exactly what is happening today BUT that doesn’t mean we should and can accept it. For example, Ryan can say that he is “justified” in being racist back because he was treated that way. But there is NEVER any justification to do something horrendous and atrocious back like racism or anything negative of any kind.

So there’s racism and then there’s counter-racism to at least “feel” like you got “payback” but really, how does that really solve anything for the better to do that? NOTHING. It’s all about destruction of each other instead of building each other up.

I do notice on Facebook and in other avenues that people use racist words to describe someone either in all seriousness or in jest, but still it is propagating racism by uttering these words to each other. What we need to do is to have racism and counter-racism become non-issues then it’ll just disappear because no one is doing it. That would be AWESOME!

I know it is very possible because like I said, racism isn’t something that we are born with, but learned. So if it’s learned, then it can be unlearned.

Point being: Is this the type of world we really want to be living in and passing onto our children and future generations? We need to CREATE a better and more loving world for our children and future generations and that starts with US. Individually and collectively.



-Religion shouldn’t be used to justify wrong actions towards individual, people, and nations.

-Whichever religion or no religion that helps people draw closer to God / Heavenly Father / Creator / Great Spirit – whatever name – is AWESOME. We all should be grateful that there are various avenues or tools that fits each person’s search to be closer to God as there’s many paths leading to the same place.

- No religion is 100% perfect.

- It’s an intensely personal Journey of Life for each of us with different issues & needs that is ever changing. So there really is no “one size fits all” in all ways but all religions have the same “basics” so to speak.

- Getting our mind, body, and spirit into alignment instead of being split and going in whichever direction. Insanity.

Not extreme point of Spirit (isolation – not participating in Life) vs Worldly (ignoring Spirit and being wholly in to instant gratification, etc.)

BE Spirit Being that we truly are being balanced WITH the World (Being involved in Life here on Earth / self-governing & being in control and aligning ourselves with higher purpose) as we are of Heaven and Earth.

Lies of the World


Lies of the World:

- That we will be fulfilled & happy if we:

•objectify ourselves as sex objects (applies to both genders but mainly for women).

•act like players and dispose of each other (applies to both genders but mainly men).

• We don’t need to wait for the right person; it’s ok to give ourselves away willy nilly. And that it won’t affect us spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

    Hint: IT DOES.

• That we are not beautiful and that we need plastic surgery to have self-worth. In short being defined by some “thing” out there instead of within ourselves.

    Hint: You are all BEAUTIFUL!

• Pursue the almighty dollar to the exclusion of everything else

• That it’s ok to create children out of lust (and that they’re disposable also) and that LOVE & SACREDNESS isn’t necessary to create whole & healthy children.


• Children are meant to “define” you or love us back as a reason to have children. Hint: They’re their own person just like you and their job isn’t to be a mini-you but to be who they really are as they have their own purpose here.

• That we can and need to control others and make everybody make us happy. Hint: It’s our own job to make ourselves happy and govern ourselves. It’s called Self-improvement.

• Ignoring our inner world and fully focused and distracted by the outer world.

• We are powerless and that the reality we “see” is the only one and there’s nothing we can do about it.

• That we are not responsible for our own actions / choices and that we are incapable of being self-sufficient & happy without “their help” (external).



- We can make a difference in the world as


Why don’t we believe that?

- If we would stop allowing the world (media / society / etc.) define who we are.

- Stop allowing ourselves to be objectified as sex objects and acting in relation to that as we are so much more than “sex objects” and something to be “used & disposed of” – see this wonderful website : Beauty Redefined

- We are throwing ourselves away when we act, dress, speak, and think of ourselves as sex objects because we do not have time or energy to focus on what we can offer to the world in our unique way. We all have talents and skills that the world needs us to contribute. Like the saying

    “Everyone else is already taken – Be Yourself”

- Stop allowing men to treat us as something to be used and disposed of.

In short, why are you allowing them to be “players”?

- Stop allowing women to tear each other down instead of building each other up?

In short, if we built each other up, imagine what magnificence we could create in this world?!

- Why are both Men & Women allowing media and the world to dictate how relationships are supposed to be and corrupting that to the point where it is how it is today?

- Why are we listening to everyone else but ourselves? We don’t LOVE & accept ourselves because we are too busy defining ourselves by others’ “perceptions” and those perceptions are erroneous and it’s no wonder we have so much body image problems even in young girls nowadays too.

- ALL Women & Girls are Beautiful.

    - The time and energy you currently spend that you are allowing yourself be defined by what the world tells that you “ought to be” could be better used to define who you know yourselves to truly be (loving & accepting yourself as YOU) and developing your own talents & skills to contribute to the world.

    What if Jesus Christ, Buddha, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., Mother Teresa, and Sitting Bull as a few examples focused on being other than who they really were and were too busy partying, drinking, or whatever pursuit that the world says is important? We wouldn’t have their contributions.

Anastasia – Ringing Cedars Book Series


I’ve been pondering about a number of things for the past week.  It’s interesting what things that comes to you when you take the time to reflect, ponder, question, FEEL, and using your critical thinking skills.

I’ve also been reading The Ringing Cedar Series by Vladimir Megre about Anastasia.  It’s a very interesting read – definitely opens up your mind to a whole different way of thinking, seeing, and perceiving things about Life, God, History, Mankind, and so on.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE BOOKS!  Definitely a Must Read!  Can’t emphasize that enough! ;-)

There are some things (1 or 2 things for me)  in there that may not make sense (YET for me at least) or might seem far-fetched, but please do not let those sections detract from the main message(s) from the books.   Please use your Truth / Concept / Spirit Within to feel if what you read or hear is right or wrong for you.

I’ve always loved Mother Earth.  When I was younger, I felt fully connected and in tune with God and the Earth around me, but as I got older, I drifted away from that connection.  I had been seeking ways to un-drift back to that for a long time and the books were just amazing in how it could put into words that I felt intuitively but was not able to yet put into words or even explain to myself what I ‘knew’ but did not understand yet what it is that I knew! If that makes sense?   ;-)

All I knew intuitively my entire life was that Mother Earth was very TANTAMOUNT &  IMPORTANT to our Happiness, Well-being, and be somehow the way back to connecting with God but HOW?  I had always believed and felt that it was not good to “buy & sell” Mother Earth and it was difficult having parents who were in the Family Home building construction industry – talk about polar opposites! ;-)  I also knew that I was here to help Mother Earth but did not know how until now.  Talk about frustrating! ;-) But, definitely learning experiences and worth it!

There were some things that I had thought of that made me stop in my tracks -

1) God – the Creator – made everything and gave us everything.  The Sun rises every day without fail.  The flowers bloom, the seasons comes and goes, and we have choices in our lives whether to be happy or not.  And here we are, complaining about everything and saying that we cannot be happy everyday, and we wait for conditions to be just 100% PERFECT before we would act and we also beg, demand, stomp our feet, and say gimme from God and expect God to do EVERYTHING for us whereas we don’t do anything for us and we believe & act like we are powerless and we also withhold our Love until we get what we want?! WOW  Talk about totally RIDICULOUS when you think about it!  Remember, God already gave us everything and free will – then DO IT regardless of what the so-called “conditions” are and stop withholding like a 3 year old child!

God has the Sun rise E V E R Y D A Y WITHOUT F A I L! There’s never any withholding back of Love or anything.  God is with us everyday and even gives us UNCONDITIONAL LOVE & encouragement through Nature by blowing the wind gently and caressingly on our cheeks, shining warmth upon our faces, fragrant smells from flowers blooming, birds flying and doing acrobatics in the air just for you!  WOW!

And here we are – the whole World are mostly in the Depths of Fear and Hell of our own making and also destroying the very Paradise that God had created for us with LOVE to live upon.

2.) When we judge others, when we separate ourselves from others based on race, religion, or whatever you can think of – does God really do that?  Does the Sun only shine upon certain individuals just because they’re something or other?  Or does the Sun shine upon everyone no matter what?  If God really was the type to set up the Sun to shine upon only certain groups, then I’m sure there’d be 7 Billion Plus Suns in the Sky – then we’d burn for sure!  That’s crazy, right?

There is the beautiful Sun in our Sky every day and then there’s 7 Billion Plus Suns within each one of us that is directly from God.  WOW.  That’s Divine and Unconditional Love!

I’d rather take Nature and God’s Beautiful Ways of Loving us through Nature than the Way of the Destructiveness of any type.

3.) God and Mother Earth has done so much for us.  What have we, as individuals and as Humanity, done to show Love back to Mother Earth and God?  Not a whole lot, that’s for sure.   Why don’t we just start getting back out into Nature and start putting our Earth back to rights and create Paradise again for each other, our families, ourselves, and our future generations?  Right now, right here!  Not wait until after Death to enter “Paradise.”  What makes you think that you would truly enter Paradise in the afterlife if you did not even do anything in THIS LIFE?

4.) The technological age – is it helping us – TRULY helping us?  In that, I mean, is it helping us bringing us closer to God or further from God and Nature?  Don’t get me wrong, there are great stuff about technology but on the whole, it’s actually destructive.  Like reality shows that are chock full of negativity, stupid, and useless drama that is not even enriching ourselves Spiritually!  It’s actually making us become Zombies, Mind-less, and terrifyingly apathetic towards our fellow Human Beings.  Not to mention that we are falling more and more into an artificial & illusory world than a real one.

We don’t even take the time anymore to actually reflect, think, ponder, FEEL, and to see if our choices and what we are doing are actually nourishing our Spirit or killing us.

Wake up!

With Much Love!

Our Attitude Determines…..


Precious YOU!

Our attitude determines how great or how awful any experience that we have in our lives.

Here’s the basics of it:

1.) Thought
2.) Word
3.) Action

All that coupled with whatever it is that you are doing – be it your Family, Your intimate relationship with your husband or wife, daily job, service in the Church and / or organizations, and so on really can have an impact on yourself and others that you interact with.

For example Scenario Number One:

You have a job – it doesn’t matter what kind of job you have – if you have an attitude and mindset of “Oh, do I have to do this? Do I need to deal with people? Basically having a negative attitude within your Mind, Your Heart, and of course, it will affect your Actions. People ALWAYS will feel your Negativity and be very likely to respond to that likewise or worst yet, do everything to AVOID YOU.

If you have that attitude then you might as well not even bother going to work because it’s worthless in the end and here’s a question for you – would that then be an HONEST DAY’S WORK and that you truly earned that day’s wages?

Scenario Number Two:

Same scenario, but your attitude is of BEing JOY, Smiling from the HEART, Happy & Joyful in all aspects WITHIN – of course you will be radiating LOVE – People will definitely notice that and be drawn to you and very much enjoy the interaction with you. What’s more, maybe you would have a deeper impact on that other person because they might be having a very bad day and / or feeling like the world is without hope until they meet you and then you have given them hope and love!

We all seek loving interactions with each other, just like we intuitively seek out our Creator and strive to have a loving relationship with the ONE WHO CREATED US. All OF US.

Here’s a food for thought – Haven’t you figured out yet, that by interacting with each other and treating each other as Brothers and Sisters from one Family, which we are; that we are actively interacting with our Creator through Loving interactions with and being of service towards each other?

I recently read something that was powerful to me :



That’s true – We are all created out of LOVE by our Creator; Our Universe is Based on LOVE!

Why would we think that we can create a beautiful and paradisiacal world out of annihilation and destruction and then expect God to magically fix everything for us? That’s just insane and probably schizophrenic thinking!

Simply clean up your Thoughts, Words, and Actions of Negativity and Impurity and change it into PURE LOVE and then our world will then reflect Paradise and Love.

PS: If you have negative attitude towards others, what do you think you are doing to yourself when you are choosing to BE in Negativity?  All sort of Mental, Emotional, and Physical problems appear because of that choice.  Your Body & Soul are trying to get your attention to have you change your choices. Actually, they are screaming if you are exhibiting a lot of issues in that way.

Please do yourself a favor and START LOVING YOURSELF!!


Water & Health


Hey Precious YOU!

Here’s some good information about Water and how it helps you be in great health! If you think that just having cracked lips and being thirsty is just the beginning of dehydration – you could not be more wrong! Those are EXTREME dehydration symptoms! So go ahead and read the links below.

The Water Cure: An interview with Dr. Batmanghelidj and he has his own website @ The Water Cure

If you do not drink enough water, it causes a lot of issues within the body – like depression, pain, anger, weight gain, high blood pressure, diabetes, and a whole list of medical, physical, emotional, & mental issues. So please read the interview article and check out the Water Cure site.

In regards to salt – I find that having natural salt through eating bell peppers, celery, cucumber, and some other vegetables takes care of the salt aspect and is in just the right amount compared to table or even other types of salt (organic, etc).

The other information is that if you are overweight – to add another cup for every 25 lbs that you are overweight. Water helps fat metabolism. Dehydration stores more fat.

Hope that you find this helpful for you, your family & friends!