Forced Vaccination vs Inalienable Rights to Personal Choice


Our Creator gave us the inalienable birthright to make choices that the government or rather big business government has the gumption to try to take away from parents and individuals by enacting forced vaccinations and eliminating religious and philosophical / personal belief exemptions under the pretext of public safety and fear-mongering. They further try to divide us into the pro-vaccination and anti-vaccination camps and make it all about who is right or wrong.

But at the heart of it all it really is all about our right to have and make personal choice that is at stake here.

If forced vaccination laws are widely enacted everywhere in this country, you can say goodbye to personal choice for abortions, GMO-free foods and labeling, pretty much everything and anything that should be up to each of us to make a choice on for ourselves and our families.

What happened to our choice, our body that we demand for abortion, birth control, and so on in regards to vaccine choice?

Don’t you know that vaccines have aborted fetal tissues?

GMO engineered vaccines.

DNA from non-human sources.

Toxic chemicals like mercury, formaldehyde, aluminum, anti-freeze, and so on.

If you don’t like one of these ingredients but be ok with the rest of the ingredients which you can easily look up yourselves if you are so inclined to do so to actually decide if you are really ok with all that is in the vaccines to be injected into your children and your own bodies

I have a question for you: if you wanted to have a vaccine but it wasn’t in a syringe that could be injected via needle or mouth but each ingredient was separated in a cup and you had to ingest each and every one of those ingredients by mouth for every vaccine dose, would you do it? I’m talking about anti-freeze, mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, aborted fetal tissue, DNA from non-human sources, etcetera. Would you?

If you wouldn’t then why would you inject that into your body willingly?

If you wouldn’t, how would you feel being forced to because the law says so?

If you are still willing to do vaccine because you are afraid of the disease itself, are you aware that the vaccine itself has the potential to cause the disease that you are trying to prevent? As you will be injected with “weakened” live viruses? So you might get some of the “scary” symptoms plus have a much increased symptoms of the very same thing you are afraid of getting from the actual disease and plus play with the autoimmune diseases roulette EVERY TIME you get a shot? If you do get an autoimmune disease, you and/or your children will be paying for it for the rest of your life.

Autoimmune diseases and cancers are numerous today. Anywhere from asthma, allergies, skin issues, to cancers, fibromyalgia, and so on. The list is endless!

Compared to actually having the disease, we would just have the disease and then have lifelong natural immunity. No worrying about whether we’d get autoimmune diseases and injecting toxic chemicals in our bodies that bypasses our natural immune system.

Disease incidence is actually very low in 1st world countries. In regards to 3rd world countries, we are actively vaccinating the people with impunity instead of actually helping the people develop the infrastructure like sanitation, clean water, etc. that we fully enjoy here in 1st world countries so that the disease incidence would drop there as well.

Why are we wanting to make sure that we don’t have GMO foods in our supermarkets, dirty fossil fuels like fracking which greatly pollutes our water, buying organic so we don’t use so much if any pesticides and herbicides like Roundup and causing great amounts of agricultural run-offs that also pollutes our soil, water and creates dead zones, and so on but we are wanting to inject our and our children’s bodies full of toxic chemicals? That just simply doesn’t compute.

It is like our body is a microorganism of what is happening with the macro because now we are seeing the effects on the world stage with global warming, toxic spills getting into our waters (can you imagine the vaccine ingredients doing the same thing to our blood streams?), etc. When we look more closely, we see such high epidemic (ie: autism) of kids having a huge number of health problems as well as adults that hasn’t been seen before in this country. We spend so much money on healthcare but we are actually the sickest country in the world and it is not that hard to figure out why if you would actually take the time to think about it.

One last thing to consider here: if we enact laws that forces vaccinations on people even if they object then this country isn’t democratic anymore. We cannot call ourselves democratic and yet ask other countries to be democratic when we are not willing to respect each others’ inalienable right to make choices regarding our bodies in any situation be it abortion, birth control, GMO, etcetera.

Please stand up for the right to make choices even if you might not agree with others’ choices. You still have your right to make choices.

You might not agree with someone or something on one issue but you might agree with someone or something on a different issue. How would you feel if you forced everyone to do something like forced vaccinations then something came up that you did not agree with but someone wanted to force that upon everyone and enacted laws, now you are stuck with being forced to do something you don’t support or agree with.

You can see how quickly it can become a slippery slope once you take somebody’s rights to make their own choices away because it could very quickly become you in that situation.

Written with much Alofas (LOVE) <3

California Senate votes to end Personal Belief wavier for school vaccination


I support everyone to have the right to decide what is right for themselves and for their families regardless of whether I agree or disagree with them on whatever issue.

I do not support pushing or passing laws to take away rights of individuals and families that concerns their bodies.

I believe that this sets a very dangerous precedent because once that basic right to choose is taken away, then who is to say that later on down the road, there are more vaccines that people would probably not want to take but they are required to because it is now the law and there is no way to opt out.

People are fearful and this is why things like this are happening because fearful people are pushing their fears upon others.

I wouldn’t dream of forcing others to do something against their will or do something to their bodies, mind, or spirit when it is THEIR choice. Everyone has the right to choose and it has nothing to do with you. It is their life and their choice.

I would want to have the same consideration and respect in being able to make my own choices for myself and for my family.

It is not just a basic American right but a natural birth right ENDOWED to each and every one of us by the Creator to choose, decide, and create our lives.

Being able to have the freedom to choose is also one of the greatest aspects about this country.

Written with much Alofas (LOVE) <3

War on Terror / Drone Program


I don’t think that the War on Terror and the Drone program is beneficial in any way for HUMANITY.  It is not lessening any of the problems or issues; it is actually increasing the problems that we have in the world.

For example, on 9/11 – over 2,000 Americans were killed and we decided to do “War on Terror” and went to / invaded the Middle East.  Where we killed over 2 million Iraqi and displaced millions more, not to mention Afghanis, Pakistanis, Syrians, and so on.  We destabilized the entire region and now there are armed conflicts all over the Middle East and now Africa where not a whole lot is being done to stop or reduce human suffering / displacement and killings.

Is it actually worth it what we did in response to 9/11?  Not in the slightest.

We are even more afraid than ever before, it has created Islamophobia, and are hateful towards more ethnic groups (effectively creating “us vs them”).  We think and actually believe that violence is the answer to our problems and gives us what we want: security.  It has done the opposite.

We have more people all over the world now wanting to harm us because of our actions towards them.  The drone program is a great example – the drones are killing many more innocent civilians than “terrorists”. Now a lot of those families want revenge and/or became radicalized. What happened to our belief that we are innocent until proven guilty?  I guess that is only reserved for American citizens?  Oh, I forgot, we already killed several of our own American citizens with the drone program without due-process in court unlike we have done for Dzhokar Tsarnaev.

I do not support the War on Terror nor the Drone Program as these are not the answer nor benefits Humanity.

Written with much Alofas (LOVE) <3

Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Fast tracking


I am very concerned about what is happening with TPP in our Congress.  I don’t think that this should be given fast track authority nor approved because there is no aspect of TPP that is transparent.  I think it’s un-democratic that we have to pass this to even find out what is in it if that does actually happen afterwards.  Why does it have to be this way?  I am thinking that there are a lot of things in the TPP that the people who created and those who are pushing this do not want us to know because we, the people, definitely wouldn’t like what is in it.

Corporations are not human beings, although corporations are run and owned by human beings.  It is like corporations have full rights whereas the human being has had their rights eroded. What is wrong with this picture?

By the way, when you think about corporations, what comes to mind?  Why does corporations seem to have larger than life face of being powerful and seemingly to have so much control over human beings?  Corporations are not actually powerful in that way but it’s just an illusion and we buy into that illusion.

Corporations and this type of trade deal do not care about HUMANITY.  The only bottom line is PROFITS and wanton destruction of the Earth and Humanity at whatever cost to get these profits.  We all need to start thinking about each other and humanity instead of profits.

One of the other concerns that I have with TPP is that there is a leak in that the Israeli settlements are being supported by the U.S. in the TPP when Pres. Obama has publicly supported two-state solution which I also support because there can be no true or long-lasting peace if there is no two-state solution for Israel and Palestine.

I do not support military occupation; I do not support human suffering / degradation / being seen as non-human, and so on.

TPP needs to be voted down in Congress.

Written with much Alofas (LOVE) <3



In regards to the movement #womenarenotmeat

The ads, movies, commercials, women genital / facial mutilations, throwing of acid on face / body with intent to deform, domestic violence action against women (and men), dehumanizing, and so on degrading women (and men) are symptoms of what is going on in our world today.

All of the above are NOT the root of the problem.

We, women (and men), need to realize that we are also responsible for this happening as we have been standing idly by; by being silent, being competitive with / looking down / degrading / gossiping about / comparing / minimizing other women (and men) and ourselves to make ourselves feel good, to make / allow men and women to LIKE and USE; NOT LOVE us based on our negative and abusive behavior towards ourselves and each other.

Not to mention, allowing men and women to treat us thusly by these three vastly outdated statements / beliefs: “boys will always be boys,” “women are always mean and / or jealous of other women,” and also not to mention using religion as “this has always been the way based on our religious beliefs” for atrocious actions against young girls and women (and young boys / men) – those are LIES we tell each other and ourselves because we feel “powerless” in the face of these three seemly innocuous statements / beliefs.

I’m here to state: WE ARE NOT POWERLESS! We have always had power to CHANGE and CREATE but we were too afraid of what others thought of us as we ALL want to be ACCEPTED AND LOVED. So we would do whatever it takes to be loved and accepted.

There is no need to do whatever it takes as we have ALWAYS BEEN LOVED AND ACCEPTED by our own Spirit and our Creator!

We have also allowed men and women to objectify us into just a few parts instead of viewing us as whole woman (and man) and ignoring what lies within beyond the exterior. Now, far too many young girls and women (and young boys / men) believe that we have to dress either practically naked or completely covered to be noticed and respected by men and women. When the truth is, when we do that, men and women do not respect us nor do we respect ourselves because we perpetuate the idea of our body, our specific parts, and our appearance / clothes are what makes us women (and men) and that is vastly far from the truth.

WE ARE NOT INCLUDING LOVE IN ANYTHING: this is the root of the problem.

It’s time for young girls / boys, and men / women of all ages to stand up and say ENOUGH! through our actions. Start raising ourselves to love and respect ourselves before we can expect love or respect from others. It always begins within first. How can we expect respect and love from others if we will not do that for ourselves first?

Girls and women (and boys / men), please stop giving away what is sacredly yours and creating children without Divine Love in the hopes you gain love and respect willy nilly – it doesn’t work that way! We each are a Sacred Divine gift for ourselves and your Beloved One.

For men and women who have children, teach BOTH boys and girls to respect and love themselves within and that will automatically translate to the outer world and change has already happened when LOVE is part of all things.

Lastly, can you imagine 7 Billion plus human beings regardless of what gender they are, if they all have love and respect for themselves first and for each other, then we wouldn’t see any of these things we see in today’s world? Nobody would be busy trying to be unauthentic, conform, fit in, distract themselves from their true potential, skills, and talents that they can each contribute to the world for the better and living their purpose here on this beautiful Mother Earth. Let your inner Light SHINE!


Written with much Alofas (LOVE) <3

Personal Power


The 1 percenter, oligarchy, any establishments (government, religion, man-made beliefs like race, class, economic, nationality, etc.) established by man has succeeded in convincing the majority of you that you have no power and that you are incapable of effecting change in the world because you have given your power away to these beliefs / platforms. Also, because you depend on the so-called people in positions of “power” to do the right thing, to do something that you expect or ask them to and then you get outraged because they don’t then you talk about removing them from office or whatever action, but you don’t. If you do succeed in removing them from office, someone else potentially worse can take office because you still have given your power away to someone else because you have bought into what they’ve said that they’ll DO FOR YOU or agreed with what the “party” ideals you are supporting, for example.

If you are fully centered within and ARE FULLY LOVE centered, then NOBODY OR ANY ILLUSIONS / MAN-MADE ESTABLISHMENTS has any control over you as you keep all of your personal power. Hence, you do not have to make any agreements unless you choose to do so. Basically, what I’m trying to get at is that we do not need to wait for governments or anyone to make the world a better place for us because we can do it ourselves TOGETHER – WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD TOWARDS PEACE & LOVE NOW!

We are all of ONE energy, whatever the majority gives attention to is what is happening in this world as that’s collective consciousness so why should you be surprised to see how the world is today? The majority wants security through violence, wars, and utter exclusion – so why are you surprised and outraged to see what is happening today?


How do you expect the world to be a better place for you, for your family and everyone else if you choose to reside in Fear and violence and expect to see Peace & Love? And if you choose to not do YOUR work within yourself but expect others to do it for you or expect others to change and believe that you’ve “won” by forcing the other to change for you by saying basically “I’ll stay in Fear, but you have to be Peace” – does that make sense?

If you don’t want to do the work and continue to feed into the current energy of the world, by all means do that if that’s what you choose. You can always choose otherwise at any moment.

We are all in this together.

And there is ONE EARTH. That’s another way that they succeed in convincing you that you don’t have power is the belief that you can always go somewhere else – be it colonizing another planet or going to heaven and you don’t have to take care of the Earth as “come on she doesn’t have a soul – same as my enemies” type of thinking, so that same belief is also applied to other human beings like we treat each other as we’re easily disposable just like Earth is. NOBODY is disposable and every single one of us have unique contributions to the world that no one else can do for us as we are all one of a kind but at the same time, we are ONE. What we do to other, we do it to ourselves.

Please choose to have LOVE instead of hatred & fear in our thoughts, words, feelings, and Heart. It is through Love that we ALL can know Peace. This truly begins with YOU.

Written with much Alofas (LOVE) <3



We believe that when we say or do in war against whatever, that it is effective in resolving the conflict but it is not effective and actually increases the conflict.


Everything is energy and is of vibrational frequency.

What you focus on – you get more of what you focus on.

So if you are fighting “against” something, then you actually get more of what you DON’T WANT because your vibrational energy is “resisting” and is actually negative. So it’s no wonder that war on drugs, war on x, y, or z isn’t effective.

I have learned that it is easier to not resist because what you resist actually persists. That’s an easy way to remember whenever you start feeling like you are resisting against something to stop and step back.

STOP RESISTING. Change your focus from what you don’t want to what you do want.

Presto – the vibrational energy changes instantly. From negative to positive.

And changes what you end up manifesting.

So therefore, be full of gratitude and make sure you are focused on what you DO WANT and the rest will just fall away for lack of attention and energy.

So instead of fighting against war – focus on PEACE.

Fighting against GMO’s – focus on growing your food. sharing organic food and creating community.

Complaining about that there’s no kind people in the world – BE ONE!

Much LOVE & Peace to each and every one of you!