Our Attitude Determines…..


Precious YOU!

Our attitude determines how great or how awful any experience that we have in our lives.

Here’s the basics of it:

1.) Thought
2.) Word
3.) Action

All that coupled with whatever it is that you are doing – be it your Family, Your intimate relationship with your husband or wife, daily job, service in the Church and / or organizations, and so on really can have an impact on yourself and others that you interact with.

For example Scenario Number One:

You have a job – it doesn’t matter what kind of job you have – if you have an attitude and mindset of “Oh, do I have to do this? Do I need to deal with people? Basically having a negative attitude within your Mind, Your Heart, and of course, it will affect your Actions. People ALWAYS will feel your Negativity and be very likely to respond to that likewise or worst yet, do everything to AVOID YOU.

If you have that attitude then you might as well not even bother going to work because it’s worthless in the end and here’s a question for you – would that then be an HONEST DAY’S WORK and that you truly earned that day’s wages?

Scenario Number Two:

Same scenario, but your attitude is of BEing JOY, Smiling from the HEART, Happy & Joyful in all aspects WITHIN – of course you will be radiating LOVE – People will definitely notice that and be drawn to you and very much enjoy the interaction with you. What’s more, maybe you would have a deeper impact on that other person because they might be having a very bad day and / or feeling like the world is without hope until they meet you and then you have given them hope and love!

We all seek loving interactions with each other, just like we intuitively seek out our Creator and strive to have a loving relationship with the ONE WHO CREATED US. All OF US.

Here’s a food for thought – Haven’t you figured out yet, that by interacting with each other and treating each other as Brothers and Sisters from one Family, which we are; that we are actively interacting with our Creator through Loving interactions with and being of service towards each other?

I recently read something that was powerful to me :



That’s true – We are all created out of LOVE by our Creator; Our Universe is Based on LOVE!

Why would we think that we can create a beautiful and paradisiacal world out of annihilation and destruction and then expect God to magically fix everything for us? That’s just insane and probably schizophrenic thinking!

Simply clean up your Thoughts, Words, and Actions of Negativity and Impurity and change it into PURE LOVE and then our world will then reflect Paradise and Love.

PS: If you have negative attitude towards others, what do you think you are doing to yourself when you are choosing to BE in Negativity?  All sort of Mental, Emotional, and Physical problems appear because of that choice.  Your Body & Soul are trying to get your attention to have you change your choices. Actually, they are screaming if you are exhibiting a lot of issues in that way.

Please do yourself a favor and START LOVING YOURSELF!!


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